Circus and carnival themed parties may be few and far between, but they are fun none the less. To throw a good carnival party requires that you need great decorations and some well placed props to make it a great party that everyone will love and want to come back for another party.

Having a wide striped red and white background is the perfect baseline for a carnival party. It makes it look exactly like the big top and people will easily get into the groove and theme of the party. Plus, it is reusable, so you can even use it for another party later. With just a few simple colors, you can use it even for a photo background at your party as well. This is so versatile, you will be surprised and happy you bought it.

Great cutouts and circus themed animal props are a great way to step up the fun of the whole thing. You want to have circus animals and clowns which are quintessential to the proper circus themed party. Also, some great circus and carnival themed sign cut outs make it seems like you are under the big top, but it is all right in your house.

Red & White Stripe backdrop AA2H
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